Contaminated Paste

I had an interesting occurance last week.  Coming home from the Renaissance Festival a week or so ago, a bucket of past tumped over in the back of the van.  Pain!  I scooped up what I could and salvaged as much as possible of what was clean, and cleaned up the rest.  Carpet in the back of the van is now rock-hard.  : (

Well, the next time I went to use the paste, I was surprised to see the top layer somewhat discolored.  Little bits of wood and debris had gotten mixed in with the paste I scooped from the floor of the van and put back in the bucket.  Over the next week or so, stain had a chance to bleed off the debris and discolor the paste. 

Not very much, but I could notice it.  Stains have a way of working their way through wallpaper, and that phenomenon can occur over time, even months after the paper is installed.   I didn’t want to take risks with the nice Osborn & Little paper I was working with (imported from England), (or any other paper, for that matter) so I spent some time scooping out and discarding the discolored paste – about 2″ from the top of the bucket.  It’s amazing that other little tiny pieces of debris had worked their way down into the bucket of paste, and as I came upon them I removed those, too.

I never want to take a chance that something could cause a job to fail, even way down the road.

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