Leave Instructions!

Almost had a “whoopsie” today… The clients weren’t home when I arrived this morning, and the housekeeper let me in. 

The job was to install a mural – a map of the world.  Most murals divided into eight panels, that are hung four across the top and four across the bottom.  You have the option of moving the panels from the far right over to the far left – in other words, you can have North and South America appear either on the right or the left side of the mural.  In addition, murals are taller than most walls, so you will have to decide whether you will cut off the top or the bottom, to get it to fit the wall’s height.

Well, the clients and I had discussed various options, and, since they weren’t home when I started the installation, I went with what I remembered.  WRONG!  Turns out, they had decided to use a different placement for the North and South American land mass.  And they had left a written note about this.

Only thing is, the note was not anywhere near the wallpaper mural.  The mural was in its box, leaning against a wall, and the paper with the clients’ instructions was on a shelf several feet away!

Luckily, one of them came home before I had gotten too far along, and explained their preferred placement, and the mural went up as they desired.

This reminds me of another similar situation.  The clients were not home, and had left the key under the door mat.  I went on in and did a nice prep and installation job.  When the homeowner came home, she asked why I had not changed the A/C setting, as she had asked.

Well, I hadn’t changed the setting because I had not seen any not asking me to do so…

Turns out she left the note on the front of the refrigerator.  She said, “Everyone looks at the refrigerator to check for notes.”

Well, yes, I agree, that is probably true for most families.  But I was working in the bathroom, and it never occured to me to look on the refrigerator – or to even enter the kitchen, for that matter.

One Response to “Leave Instructions!”

  1. Jerry Esten Says:

    looks pretty slick!
    We have no notes or even magnets on the refrigerator. I never woud have looked either.
    Remember the SeinfelD episode where Jerry checks out the medicine cabinet? He saw his date had cream for a fungus and was spooked. he sure wasn’t gonna kiss her.
    Of course it was for the dog!


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