Oddly Sized Rolls

Grasscloth has been mighty popular in the last few years.  This trend appears to be strengthening, as I’ve had quite a few calls with people wanting to install grasscloth in recent months – three in just one week!

One thing to keep in mind is that grasscloth is quite wide, usually three feet.  And the double rolls usually contain a bit more square footage than regular wallpaper.  But, because it’s so wide, each double roll is not as long as standard rolls.

On the job I did last week, that raised a problem.  The walls were just a little over 8′ high.  The grasscloth double roll was 24′ long.  That means I could not get three full-length strips out of each double roll, as I normally can.  So, each double roll gave me only two strips long enough to reach from ceiling to flor, plus a strip of paper left over that was long, but not long enough to do anything with.

This ultimately meant there were not enough full-length strips to do the room.  I was able to finish three walls, but we had to order one more double roll in order to get those last two full length strips to finish the fourth wall.

Moral:  When measuring a room for grasscloth, don’t go just by the square footage on each roll.  You must also walk around th eroom with a 3′ yardstick and determine how many lengths of goods you will need, and then figure how many strips you will get out of each double roll (will vary depending on the height of the wall) , and order accordingly.

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