Achieving the Impossible

On last week’s job, we needed 12 rolls of paper, but the client had only 10. The last double roll had been purchased and received, but misplaced somewhere along the line.


We had scheduled the work, the client had set aside time to have it done… and the paper we needed wasn’t anywhere in the city. And it was already midday!

My wallpaper sales gal, who works at the Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet near Kirby, was able to reach the vendor, and ordered the paper, then arranged to have it shipped Overnight Delivery – for mega bucks (about $45 for shipping), to arrive by noon the next day.

So I installed paper on the walls of this bathroom, and left for the day. The next morning, about 11:00a.m., I got a call from the store, and the paper had arrived. What a feat!

I picked up the paper, headed to the home, cut the three strips needed, and got the ceiling installed. SUCCESS!

Incidentally, it was a really cool ostrich-skin type paper, dark grey with black feather prick dots, which the client had installed on the walls AND ceiling of this smallish bathroom. The floor and shower tile were average tone brown, black granite counter tops, and grey woodwork, in a loft-style contempory home.

The finished room looked fabulous!

One Response to “Achieving the Impossible”

  1. Jerry Esten Says:

    Nice when everything falls into place!

    The BLOG look very good. you write well.

    Jerry E

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