Nice Comment from Client

I got a call from a former client yesterday, asking for a referral on a Sheetrock installer. (I keep a list of good workmen and contractors I run into, to help my clients find reputable workers.)

She had had a roof installed last fall, and it leaked the first time it rained, ruining she walls. She said that once the contract was signed, she never saw another professional, and the firm just hired “guys who didn’t know anything about roofing” to do the job. The company would not come back to fix the damage to the interior of her house, nor would they even fix the faulty work on her roof. She also felt they were ignoring her because she’s “a little old lady.”

She went on to say how much she appreciated me and how I work. She said that, because I do all work myself, I can ensure that it will be done correctly. Next she called me “a gem!”

When middle-men are called in, that’s when you start loosing control of quality. Please click the button on the right, “Me, me, and only me.”

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