Well, the Decor Comes First!

I got an update on some friends who moved to a new house about 10 years ago, a very fine house in a nice neighborhood, and they had chosen the best quality and most lavish details available.

The wallpaper they put in this turn-of-the-century style home was described as “hand-made, Italian-imported, Victorian, ornate, gorgeous, fabulous wallpaper.” Obviously very expensive, and equally expensive to install. In fact, all the details they chose were of the same quality and oppulence.

The only thing is, the rumor goes that, for about the first 10 years they lived in the home, they never had a stick of furniture!

Guess that goes to show, when people want the best, they’re willing to sacrifice some things, so they can get what they want.

Eventually, these folks did furnish their home, too, and when they did, they choose equally fine and lovely items.

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