Flaws & Defects – Frustrating!

Sometimes clients protest, and claim they don’t think they should have to order as much paper as I tell them. Well, today was another good case in point, about why it is a good idea to have a little extra.

This week, I’m installing good quality, high end Thibaut paper. It’s a nice brand, a “designer” brand, and I rarely have problems with this manufacturer.

But today, nearly 30% of the paper (a 16 roll job!) had a flaw – smudges and scratches and markes all along one edge of the paper, running half way through about 1/3 of the rolls.

Luckily, this particular pattern is a simple stripe, and it’s realtively easy for me to finagle a way to cut off the bad edge and still use the remaining paper.

But with most patterns, it’s not possible to do this, meaning that all this paper would be unuseable. That upsets the client’s plans, forces me to shuffle other clients and reschedule everyone, paper has to be shipped back, reordered, rechecked, and … the manufacturer always tries to get out of paying to replace the paper, even if it’s obvious the defect originated on his end.

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