I can’t help it – I just have to!

Regarding my previous post, about the bedroom I had installed wallpaper in 10 years ago, and just redid it this week, because the son is now 10, and he needed an older decor in his room.

Well, it was VERY gratifying to me to see that the original wallpaper, installed 10 years ago, was in PERFECT condition. Not one seam lifting, not one corner curling, and not even any finger prints or dings from a growing boy.

I attribute that to proper installation techniques, of course, but also, my big soapbox – proper wall prep, including an oil based primer.

Interestingly, in contrast, the wallpaper in the adjoining bathroom, which had been installed at the time of construction by the builder’s crew, that wallpaper did have some curling edges and contrary seams.

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