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Wating for Rewards

May 28, 2010

This week, I’m stripping two bathrooms, so the homeowner can paint the rooms, and then take their time deciding what pattern and color wallpaper to choose.

It feels odd, that I will be working and working, and at the end of the job, there won’t be the finished project of a beautiful room.   Just bare grey Sheetrock, waiting for paint.

Silver Cork – A New “Species” in Wallcovering

May 27, 2010

Well, it’s not really “new”… I’ve installed cork wallcoverings before, as long ago as 10 years.

But what I put up today was quite contemporary, a very thin natural cork (composed of swatches about 5″ square, affixed to a paper backing 36” wide) and covered with a metalic silver coating.

Somewhat tricky to work with, because the rough patches on the cork had a tendency to want to abrade off. But the finished room (a bar area in a private home) was striking.

It was a unique paper and made a definate statement in this contemporary-styled home.

Weird Pattern Match

May 19, 2010

On a paper I did last week, there were two options for pattern match going on. Weird!

First, the pattern had a design that was meant to match from strip to strip, as most papers do. But there was also a background, a horizontal striated effect, that ran across the paper from left to right.

What was odd was, if I matched the PATTERN, the horizontal lines didn’t match up. But if I matched up the HORIZONTAL LINES, that threw off the pattern a little.

In this case, how I solved it was, since the pattern itself was somewhat sketchy and blurry, it wasn’t necessary to match it perfectly, as the eye did not catch the slight mismatch. But it WAS important to match up the horizontal lines, as not doing so would cause a very noticeable break every 27,” the width of the paper and for the full 9′ drop.

So I matched the horizontal lines, mismatched the pattern, the pattern moved slowly downward with each strip, but it wasn’t very noticeable.

Naturally, I got the homeowner’s input on this, and her approval of which method I would use.

The room, a powder room done in a traditional pattern, turned out fantastic.