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Alternative Options for Costly Papers

September 13, 2010

I visited the home of a young family yesterday, to measure and quote on their powder room.

The homeowner’s mother, in a distant city, is an interior designer, and had selected a fabulous designer paper, sold by the yard instead of the roll – with a price tag to match.

Because the price was mighty high, and because these designer goods are not always compatible with the messy hands of little children, I suggested the homeowner contact my “wallpaper guru” at Southwestern Paint nera the Rice Village, Dorota Hartwig (713) 520-6262.

Dorota will be able to look at the original selection on-line, and then choose some alternate options that would be similar in appearance, but much more affordable. If the family still wants to go with the original choice, Dorota may be able to get them a better price.

Faux Bark Look Wallpaper

September 11, 2010

I installed an interesting pattern in a powder room today.

It was a smeary mix of brown, dark brown, grey, and silver, looking very much like tree bark.

There was a hint of blue tone in the paper, too. The powder room had a veeery pale blue toilet and sink, and the color of the paper worked well with these fixtures.

The previous wallcovering had been a bland white and tan stripe in shiny faux “silk” vinyl.

The new paper is a GREAT improvement over the outdated and boring stripe.

The room turned out great, and the clients were pleased.

More Cool Old Paper

September 10, 2010

In the same house I am installing kitchen wallpaper, the homeowner is so pleased that now she wants to do another room, a hall bathroom.

I stepped into the room to measure, and just gasped – There covering the walls was absolutely perfect condition, never been touched, stained, or painted, the original wallpaper dating back to 1968. !!

Although this paper was brown, too, just like in the kitchen, I liked it much better. It was a small diamond pattern, with decorative designs inside the diamonds. Typical background paper of that period. Probably would have looked better in a dining room or study, but – oh well – it went well with the bathroom tile.

And someone kept it in VERY good condition all these years.

Uncovering the Original Wallpaper

September 9, 2010

I love old wallpaper, and it’s a real treat when I’m stripping off existing paper and discover the paper that was original to the house underneath.

It’s especially exciting if the house dates back to the ’20’s, ’30’s, or ’40’s, because the patterns back then were so delightful. Amazingly, the colors are usually just as bright as they were when the paper was new.

Today, working in a kitchen, I tore off the top layer and found a paper original to the 1968 ranch style house.

I can’t say I love the pattern or color, though. It was a dark brown paper with drawings of spice drawers, and other kitchen-related items, in a block pattern. Since the paneling at the bottom 1/3 of the walls was originally stained brown, the room must have been pretty dark overall. That’s common to the style home, and the time period.

The current home owner has painted the paneling bright white, and the new wallpaper will be a pretty medium-toned blue. Bye-bye 1968 spices and drawers!

Wallpaper Making a Comeback, So Says the National Association of Realtors

September 1, 2010

From the website of the National Association of Realtors, No. 7 of the Top 12 Hot Home Ideas:

Interior wall treatments other than paint….

Why trendworthy:

Easier to install; more personalized patterns, colors, textures.

Less popular in recent years, wall treatments other than paint are making a comeback, says Atlanta-based interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn, who cites several reasons: New bolder graphic wallpaper patterns, some in shiny metallics and textured leathers, and easier and less costly application due to new primers.

Wallpaper is cropping up on a single focal, or accent, wall, which saves money.

Flynn predicts more home owners will cover an entire wall with an enlarged photo mural printed in sections.