Wallpapers To Go – CLOSED!

This is shocking to me… I heard some weeks ago that the Katy, Texas Wallpapers To Go store was closing. But yesterday I got the news that the very popular Rice Village store had closed, too. I couldn’t believe it, so I phoned their number, and got a phone company recording offering to redirect me to “other similar businesses in the area.”

This is sad, and it’s shocking. Wallpaper To Go filled a good niche, as they are about the only place left in the Houston area (aside from The Wallpaper Store up on FM 1960) that had wallpaper in stock, for people, particularly DIY’ers, who want to run in, make a selection, and install it the same day.

It’s also a sad indicator of the times. With the economy sluggish and with the slump in wallpaper sales in recent years, it could mean the Wallpapers To Go company simply could not withstand the downturn in sales.

It’s too bad they couldn’t stick it out a few more months, because wallpaper is back in style big time. My business is booming. But sometimes, it’s a corporate decision made by big wigs out of state, irregardless of what sales are like here in Houston.

I’m sorry to see the stores close, and wish their employees the best in their future endeavors.

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