A Walk in the Woods

I had a client interested in this “Woods” wallpaper, by Cole & Sons. It’s like walking in the forest… take a look!



Since this is a very strong pattern, I suggested she consider using the paper only on one wall, as an accent. I’m wondering if having the forest completely surrounding the room would be overwhelming.

On another note, since the paper is pricey and often available only “to the trade,” I suggested she try my contact at the Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet near Kirby to see if she could get the paper for her, as she often is able to do so. She can also track down patterns that are similar, but less expensive, and also more durable. (Cole & Sons is an uncoated, porous paper that can stain easily.) Dorota Hartwig (713) 520-6262.

Alternately, I offered to connect her with one of the interior designers I work with, who could help get the paper. There would be a fee for the designer’s services, but it would be worth it if she REALLY wants THAT paper.

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