Wallpaper in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine , pt II

Related to my previous post, the February 2011 issue of BH&G focuses on color, and on page 16 there is a sort of introductory page entitled, “Transform Your Home With Color!”

The photo is of an entryway papered floor-to-ceiling with a very bold pattern, a modern play on a traditional style. It’s a huge what I call a “fleur-de-lis” pattern, done not in the traditional muted tones but a BRIGHT turquoise on bright white background. Very modern and trendy right now. I’ve done several rooms in this sort of pattern recently. (See the Gallery on my website, wallpaperladyhouston.com)

But, in my opinion, the room doesn’t work. The furniture is antique or vintage, and, to my way of thinking, simply doesn’t go with this updated take on wallpaper, especially not the frilly mediuim-toned mirror.

I think the room would have looked better with bold, heavy, solid furniture with straight, clean lines. Even older furniture painted a solid color – given that it’s the ‘right’ piece of furniture.

For instance, the chest of drawers used in the photo might work, if they removed the old hardware and replaced it with modern handles. That would have appropriately and effectively updated the older piece of furniture, so it would better fit the feel of the contemporary wallpaper.

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