Wallpaper in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Wallpaper makes an appearance in shelter magazines (home type mags) just about every issue these days. Better Homes & Gardens frequently features wallpaper. I’ll comment on a couple of the recent articles.

The December 2010 issue, on page 70, shows a breakfast room in a house, with a traditional paper on the walls (floor to ceiling), and a dinette set that has traditional chairs but a modern, straight lined table.

“I really wanted an old-fashioned mixed with super-modern,” the homeowner says, “so she paired toile wallpaper with a knockoff Saarinen table she found on eBay.”

Well,,, it makes for a nice photograph, and I’m glad the magazine is featuring wallpaper in a main room. But I can’t say I’m crazy about mixing such a traditional, time-tested pattern as a toile (Google it) with a round, white, shiny, ultra-modern piece of furniture. Nothing wrong with it – just not my taste.

I think what does make this mix work, though, is the similiarities in color – both the wallpaper and the furniture are pale in color, so there is a thread of unity.

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