The Galveston Home Tour

As I do every year, I attended the Galveston Home Tour yesterday. As usual, all the homes were fantastic.

In one of the homes, the homeowners had taken great pains to recreate what would have been in an authentic Victorian home. I was thrilled to see the wallpaper they had chosen – easily recognizable to people like me who love these papers – Bradbury & Bradbury brand papers.

This company makes reproductions of actual patterns from “the old days,” including Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, and more. The patterns and colors are truly stunning. In many instances, they are meant to be layered, meaning that there will be a wall pattern, then a dado or soffit or wainscotting, then a border, and maybe some other sort of trim.

Check them out at:

What was in the front room of this home looks quite similar to what is in the upper right corner of the web site’s home page.

The papers are of the finest quality, and often include metalic gold in the ink. They are untrimmed, meaning the installer has to hand-trim each seam. Layering the intricate borders and dados is even more involved.

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