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Last week I installed a beautiful paper by a British manufacturer, Cole & Son. The paper is a reproduction of a very old pattern that dates back to Victorian times. I have done similar papers by other manufacturers based on the same design many, many times, and it’s one of my favorites – and a favorite of my clients, too, as I have installed this pattern in many colors in many homes.

Here it is in close up:
Or Google it: Cole and Son pattern code 62/1002

The room was a smallish bathroom in an older home. The barely-there soft green of the background matched the 1920’s tile perfectly, and the pattern scale was just right for the size of the room. It was gorgeous.


Until I put the paper on the ceiling.

I know that lots of designers like wallpaper on the ceiling, and I see it in a good many homes, especially in River Oaks and other neighborhoods where homeowners are more likely to work with interior designers.

But, to my personal taste, unless it’s a very subdued pattern or a special look like Bradbury & Bradbury (Google it), I just don’t like wallpaper on the ceiling.

In this case, to my eye, it really closed in the room, brought down the ceiling, and made the whole space claustrophobic. Were it my house, I would have put the paper on the walls, and left the ceiling white.

Gee, I sure hope the interior designer for that job isn’t a reader of my blog! : )

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