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Smart Comments My Clients Have Made

August 30, 2011

Not too long ago, a gal phoned me to ask, “I was about to go look at wallpaper, and it occurred to me that before I picked out something, I ought to find out what types of paper YOU think are good.”

My, what a smart gal! As a matter of fact, I DO have a very strong opinion of different types of paper. I am sure I will blog on this at some point, and probably more than once. But the main thing I like to tell people is to steer away from thick plasticy “solid vinyl” papers, and to look for thinner “vinyl coated” varieties. I know that sounds confusing – just read the label and info in the books.

Another┬álady called me and asked, “I was wondering … Is it better for me to measure my room and figure how much paper to buy, or should you come out first and do the measuring?”

Another very smart question, and another topic for a future blog (or rant, as it likely will be). Measuring a space can be tricky, and involves all sorts of factors, like the various spaces in the room, the pattern repeat, drop, width of roll, and all sorts of othe factors. The main thing I want to stress is that you canNOT assume that every square foot of paper that is on the roll will be available to place on your wall. You MUST allow for sufficient waste. Figuring the amount of paper required to do a job is a task for a professional.

The third comment was from a home owner who was thumbing through books hoping to choose a paper for her bathroom. One of the books bragged, “Goes up easily, comes off easily.” Well, this gal read that second part, and said, “I am not sure that I like the sound of that.”

BINGO! Since getting old wallpaper off walls (especially improperly prepared walls) can be a real bugger bear, these days, manufacturers are trying to appeal to DIYers by developing papers that will strip off the wall easily.

But this begs the question … “If it comes off so easily when I’m ready to take it down, how wall is it going to stay up on the wall when I want it to stay on?”

I praise these three home owners for getting information before they began hunting for wallpaper.

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Wallpaper Jobs Revisited, Two Decades Later

August 23, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve recently been called to do work in homes where I’ve done wallpaper years before. At one home, it was 17 years, measured by the age of their cat, who was a kitten when I did the original job. Another was about the same length of time, back to when they had the house built. And another was all the way back 22 years, remembered because it coincides with the time their grandson went off to college.

I’m always just itching to see how the wallpaper has held up over such a long time. And a little anxious, too, to be honest.

But in every home, the paper has been in virtually perfect condition. Seams nice and flat, no curling at the edges, color still nice and bright.

Now, how great is that??!

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