Wallpaper Jobs Revisited, Two Decades Later

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve recently been called to do work in homes where I’ve done wallpaper years before. At one home, it was 17 years, measured by the age of their cat, who was a kitten when I did the original job. Another was about the same length of time, back to when they had the house built. And another was all the way back 22 years, remembered because it coincides with the time their grandson went off to college.

I’m always just itching to see how the wallpaper has held up over such a long time. And a little anxious, too, to be honest.

But in every home, the paper has been in virtually perfect condition. Seams nice and flat, no curling at the edges, color still nice and bright.

Now, how great is that??!


Houston Wallpaper Installation

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