The Wallpaper Store – GONE!

I was talking with a fellow paperhanger today, and learned that the Wallpaper Store on FM 1960 has gone out of business, as of the last of last month.

This is a shame. For one thing, I hate to see someone’s business venture, his means of making a living, fail. For another, if they went out of business due to lack of sales in wallpaper, I sure wish they could have held out for a little longer. Wallpaper is back big time, and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time for their sales to pick up.

On a more personal note, I hate that that store is no longer there, because it was a wonderful place to send my customers, especially those in the north part of town. They had a huge selection of special-order books, and a large variety of in-stock papers. There are very few places in town any more at all that carry paper in stock.

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