Houston Drought and Wallpaper

I’ve gotten a number of calls lately for repairs to wallpaper damaged by cracks in walls – caused by settling and shifting of foundations due to our continuing LACK OF RAIN.

In both the homes I visited yesterday, it was possible to fix the damage – because THEY HAD SUFFICIENT PAPER LEFT OVER. Ah-HA! Another reason to order a little extra paper, and keep it stashed in a closet (not the attic or garage, please!).

One was the typical angled crack going diagonally from a door frame toward the ceiling. This was a simple matter of patching the crack, and then pasting a small patch of new wallpaper over the crack. Depending on the pattern and the type of paper, this type of repair can be almost invisible.

In the other home, the shifting walls had caused the paper to twist in the corners. This required a little more “surgery.” In one bathroom, I stripped off one wall, and in the second bathroom, it was necessary to strip the paper off both walls. Then I took fresh wallpaper and repapered the walls.

In such a case, ideally you would rehang the entire wall, so you are working with all wet strips. But since we didn’t have enough paper to do that, I was able to hang the new wet strips next to the existing dry strips, and it looked just fine.

Both homeowners were very pleased that their rooms were made to look good as new, without the expense of totally repapering.

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