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My last post talked about repairing some damage caused by shifting walls. That same day, after finishing at one home, we walked across the complex to a friend’s home, where they had had a water leak, and this caused some of the wallpaper to come loose from the wall.

Well, this paper had been installed only a year and a half earlier, by one of the stores that carries wallpaper and also has installers. The homeowner called the store and explained that she had had rain damage and wanted it fixed, and that she knew it was not a problem with the original installation so was not covered by their guarantee, and that she was happy to pay their crew to come out and do the repair.

The store replied that there would be a charge of ONE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS for them to JUST COME OUT AND LOOK AT IT, whether they could fix it or not.

The homeowner pressed on a bit, reminding them that she had bought several thousands of wallpaper and labor from them just a year or so previously.

The store stood firm in their charge of $150 to look at the job.

“They did a good job with the installation, and I was very pleased with the work and the workmen,” said the homeowner, “but that just isn’t right. I will NEVER do business with them again!”

So here I came walking over from the neighbor’s house, took a look, climbed up on my ladder, and did a good enough job*, all in about 15 minutes and for a fraction of the other company’s price “just to take a look.”

*Someone else had attempted to glue down the seams and I was unable to remove his Super Glue Goo. That prevented me from being able to manipulate the seam and paper as I would have liked. I think my repair would have been almost invisible if I had been the first person to tackle the repair. All in all, though, it looked darned good, and from a distance you couldn’t tell at all. And MUCH better than it was after the rain leak!

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