Wallpaper Murals and Pain

I worked at a house this week that had a positively lovely mural on the dining room wall, one accent wall. It was a clasic branch-with-flowers mural on a faux silk background, muted colors and very pretty, went well with the room and the furnishings.

But the homeowners wanted the mural removed. YIKES!

The thing is, they had found a piece of art work they fell in love with, and they wanted to hang it on that accent wall. Because the art piece was very contempory, it would have clashed with the very traditional feel of the mural. And the mural would definately have detracted from the painting, as they wanted the painting to be the only thing a person saw upon walking into the room.

So, down came the beautiful mural.

Ouch!  Stripping off that lovely mural HURT!




wallpaper installation houston

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