Care in Shipping

One of the things that disappoints me about wallpaper manufacturers and distributors, is careless packaging. Nine times out of ten, they simply jam several rolls of wallpaper into a paper bag, seal it, and send it on the road. And nine times out of ten, the paper gets banged up during shipping, usually resulting in bashed edges, which do show when the paper is on the wall, so I have to unroll and throw away several feet of paper before getting to useable yardage.

It’s frustrating, because all it would take is a little bubble wrap, or even some wadded up paper, around the ends of the rolls, to prevent this damage. A strudy cardboard box would help, too.

Well, today I did a lovely and unusual silver metalic cork paper This is delicate stuff, and papers inserted with the goods state that flaking is to be expected, and that the paper can be easily damaged, and to handle it with care.

Well, I was surprised and very pleased to see something I had never seen before – little cardboard caps on the ends of every roll. They reminded me of the cardboard sleeves that slide around hot coffee cups from Starbucks.

And guess what? The wallpaper was in PERFECT shape! 🙂 Thank you Thibaut!

Wallpaper installation Houston

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