Bradbury & Bradbury Job – Getting Intimate With the Room

In my last post, I mentioned going around the room wiping dust from the walls.

This reminded me of how many times a paperhanger goes over every inch of wall. During the various tasks required to strip, prep, and wallpaper a room, I’m going to touch every bit of wall many, many times.

Eventually I get familiar with everything – the wall with a bump in it, the corner that is not square, the section of baseboard that has a chip in it, the spot where food grease hit the wall that needs to be watched to be sure the primer has sealed it off to prevent bleed-through, the part over a cabinet where I have to open a door and “hook a toe” to keep my balance.

Once I’ve gone around the room several times, I have gotten to know every spot and idiosyncrasy quite well.

I call this “getting intimate with the room.”

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