Flaw of the Day

Ecochic by Wallquest Pattern # TA90217

This was a rather odd one…. The room took eight single rolls (four double rolls). One of the double rolls had, just about all the way through it, a sporadic defect …. It appeared as if something got stuck on the printing press and caused the front of the paper to stick to the backside of itself as it was rolled up… Sorry if this sounds complicated; if you work with rolled goods, it makes perfect sense.

Anyway, the result was a 5″ long by 1/8″ wide strip that had the printed design peeled off the face of the paper, smack in the middle of the roll, about every two feet.

It ruined a full 9′ strip of paper, and more, as I had to cut around this defect. There is one place on the wall where I had to leave the defective paper, or there would not have been enough to finish the room. But it’s in a fairly hidden area, and I disguised it with paint, so hopefully, in the dim light of a powder room, it won’t be noticeable.

Would be nice if defects didn’t happen at all, of course. This paper cost the homeowner about $100 per double roll, with shipping, etc.

Also, not really a defect, but it is something that manufacturers could prevent if they wanted to… This paper shrank a little as it dried. This happens commonly on papers (as opposed to solid vinyls) and is not always a problem. But since this particular pattern is a dark brown, the white lines showing up at each seam are noticeable. A quick fix with a little of the right kind of paint makes these lines disappear in a jiffy.

wallpaper installation houston

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