Flaw of the Day – Scalamandre

Scalamandre WP88213-2 “Daphne” http://visualaccess.scalamandre.com/wwiz.asp?wwizmstr=OE.PATTERN&TEMPID=SCALA*16111*40786&PGNO=2&pattern=01!WP88213

Scalamandre is a very high-end paper, and I was somewhat surprised to find them making this type of paper….falling into the eco-friendly craze, I guess … spongy feeling, “paste the wall” idiocy, and “no need to cut, hang directly from the roll” – what is THAT all about?!

Anyway, back to defects… The paper was carefully wrapped in a box and protected with bubble wrap, but still had banged edges.

In addition, because of the thickness of the eco-friendly material, when rolled up and wrapped in plastic, the horizontal end of the strip was pressed into the roll, leaving a very noticeable line across the width of the paper, going into the roll several wraps deep. This meant I had to cut off and throw away at least one full repeat, which, in this case, is two feet. That’s on each double roll.





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