Houston Area Paperhangers’ Meet-Up

I mentioned that a number of us independent paperhangers got together on Sunday, February 19, for the first-ever networking meet-up.

While swapping stories, it became evident that most of us had shared the same experiences … the joys of seeing a room go from outdated to gorgeous and knowing that the client is happy, clients who love us for putting down dropcloths after the painters who were there the week before insisted they were “so good they don’t need dropcloths,” customers who do their own measuring and insist they need less paper than they actually do, the various flaws found in wallpaper, lugging 50lb buckets of paste up to the third floor bathroom, working behind the guy who hung the same paper on top of itself (We unanymously agreed that he must be paid by the roll or hour, and he was trying to use up paper or time), and the occasional customer who simply won’t rest until she’s fed you – and that can even include sitting down with the family and joining them for dinner.





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