Flaw of the Day

Printers Guild Productions #EG21406

Very porous paper, absorbed the paste during the booking time, so by the time it got to the wall there was little paste left to adhere the paper to the wall. I had to repaste most of the seams.

This is a pattern with a huge red medallian on white background. Surprisingly, the red ink was not colorfast. As I wiped the paper with my damp rag, the red color would run and streak. When I needed to wipe the paper, I had to make sure that I wiped back into the medallian, not into the white space, in order to hide any streaking of the ink.

I think many of these issues are a result of manufacturers trying to “be green.” Well, I wish they would try less to be trendy and work harder to make QUALITY products. I also wish they would TEST papers before putting them on the market.





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