Azalea Trail 2012

I went on the Azalea Trail Home Tour this past weekend. It’s a wonderful way to get a glimpse of what’s behind those ritzy doors in River Oaks – along with a tour of fantastic gardens.

I am always checking out the wallpaper in these homes (River Oaks homes tend to have lots of wallpaper), probably drawing the curiosity of the docents, who will be going on and on about furniture, paintings, sets of china, and there I am, staring at the WALLS! : )

Anyway, surprisingly, (with the exception of Rienzi, which is on the tour every year) there was only one home that had wallpaper this time, and it was in only one room, the powder room.

It was a lovely pattern, quite expensive, traditional in style, whch is typical of River Oaks decorating. It was a ribbon-type lattice pattern in gold, with monkeys in the spaces between the ribbon.

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