Glass Bead Wallpaper – Round II

I hung another of the new glass bead wallpapers last week, very similar in color and style to the one by Disney I did a month ago, except this one has swirly circles, instead of intertwining verticle lines. It was on one accent wall of a dining room. Antonia Vella by Seabrook GM 1282

I didn’t like the Antonia Vella as much as the Disney wallpaper. The AV had flaws due to either banged edges, or edged damaged by the shrink wrap, which pulled it too tightly, as well as something that looked like a manufacturing crease all the length of two double rolls.

Also, the glass beads came off very easily, and it was a real circus trying to keep them off the back of the paper (wallpaper is rolled up with the front beads against the back!). Even though the beads are the size of a grain of sand, they really show up under the paper, especially with the shiny surface.

In addition, I didn’t think the seams laid as flat as with the Disney paper. Seams usually look better once the paper is dry, though, so I am hoping that is the case this time.

On the plus side, though, the manufacturer did include some of the most complete and specific information with the instructions, which is pretty rare.

The end result was lovely and dynamic. I’ll soon have photos up on my website.




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