A Pleasant Surprise on My Answering Machine

I checked messages on my answering machine the other day, and had the pleasure of listening to a very nice message.

It was a recent client of mine, and she was calling simply to tell me how much she liked her wallpaper, and that everyone who had seen the bathroom just loved the paper.

Now, isn’t that nice? To go to the trouble to look up my number and phone and leave that messge! Sure made me feel good. And yes, I saved the message! : )

For the record, the paper is simply lovely. We put it in a new bathroom in a renovated attic space in an older (1940’s) home. The bathroom will serve two bedrooms, both to be used as rooms for young people – sort of like the old days of boarding.

The wallpaper is a Thibaut pattern from their Historic Homes collections. I have hung it a zillion times in a bunch of colors. It handles well, goes up beautifully, holds up for years with no problems, and is sooo pretty. Gee, if all manufacturers took a lesson from Thibaut, there would be no need for my series of “Flaw of the Day” posts!

Here’s the link: http://www.thibautdesign.com/collection/roomset.php?patternID=126&productID=2577





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