Ask Before You Buy

Ahhh,,,Here’s a question I like to get – BEFORE the purchase is made.

I got an e-mail from a client who has been searching for wallpaper on-line. She sent me a link to a pattern she likes, and asked for my input. She has concerns about both the placement of the pattern on her walls, as well as the quality of the paper.

Well, as far as the pattern fitting the walls, that I can help her with once I am in the home and looking at the space, hopefully with a wallpaper sample book in hand.

The other concern – boy am I glad she asked. Not to knock a manufacturer, but Graham & Brown makes solid vinyl papers that I just do not like. Not much at all.

Solid vinyls usually have gritty porous manilla paper-like backings which tend to absorb moisture in humid conditions (bathrooms in humid Houston) and then the seams can curl – just a bit, so it’s not possible to repaste them. Also, that particular brand has seams that just never look good, even when the paper is freshly hung. I cringe whenever a customer buys it.

G&B has great marketing and is easy to find all over the Internet, plus the price is low, and the patterns are attractive. All reasons why so many people are drawn to it.

Luckily this lady contacted me and asked my opinion before hitting “Check Out.”

I suggested she contact Dorota at Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet just west of Kirby, who can track down a similar pattern in a much better quality.





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