Eating My Words on Graham & Brown

OK, I have to take back some of what I said yesterday about Graham & Brown ‘s wallpaper. I still don’t care for their low-end solid vinyl papers. But today I was visiting Dorota, my favorite wallpaper sales source, at the Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet just west of Kirby (713) 520-6262, and she showed me many other types of papers made by this company. It seems they have many lines, types, qualities, etc. Including one that has real gold leaf paper, made to order, that sells for $1600 a roll!!

Yes, I have done some of these other papers, including the pink one on my website gallery page


Here’s some more Graham & Brown    Really cool patterns – it’s easy to see why people are drawn to them.  When you click the link, I have installed the very first pattern “Frames” in a hallway, and the homeowners tacked up their own family photos inside the frames.  (One of their not-so-hot solid vinyls, though – stick with their other types of papers.)




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