Do Wallpaper Manufacturers Even Know What They’re Talking About??

Today I put some grasscloth on the backs of some bookshelves – an increasingly popular look.

I’m wondering if the manufacturer has tested its product, and knows what its instructions say to do with it…


“Proper priming will prevent all wallcovering from coming loose from the wall. Wall sizing is not enough! An oil base primer sealer or commercial wall prep is essential. Relaxation time of 2-5 minutes is recommended after pasting. Do not oversoak, as it will cause grasscloth to separate from the paper backing.

“Keep pasting area clean to prevent staining. Use a premix heavy duty (low water content) clear (non-staining) vinyl adhesive. Please take proper care not to get adhesive on the front surface of the paper. NOTE: Due to the fact that some adhesives may cause a staining reaction on natural fiber products, please check adhesive container for special instructions or warnings and then test hang one strip before proceeding.”

They recommend an OIL BASED PRIMER?! I happen to agree with this, but I have to admit, this is quite unusual with wallpaper manufacturers.

VINYL paste for GRASSCLOTH?! That is sure to stain! And very dry and hard to spread on the back. It is more sticky than cellulose, though.

The only thing I can think is, they are concerned about the paper backing coming away from the surface fibers, so are recommending the low-moisture paste. However, they are blinding themselves to the problem of staining, which is very likely with grasscloth. Seems like the manufacturer should have considered both these potential problems.

I did not use the vinyl paste, but used Shur-Stik cellulose C-11, and it turned out just fine.

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