Hold On Just a Second, Would Ya??!

I just got a call from a lady. “Do you have wallpaper in stock?”

So my first sentence to her was, “Well, I am an installer, not a seller….” and before I could say another word, she said, “Oh, OK,” and hung up. !

Gee, lady, give me a second! My next sentence was going to be, “Are you looking to buy paper? I can give some suggestions of places to shop.” And those include places that have paper in stock.

Now, wouldn’t people realize that a wallpaper hanger would be a good resource for finding where to shop to buy wallpaper? Wouldn’t it be logical for the caller to wait two seconds for me to finish my sentence? Wouldn’t it be easier for her to let me provide information, than for her to continue calling and Googling and stumbling around trying to find a store?

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