Wallpaper Repairs – Double Up When You Can

Wallpaper repairs are usually small, and don’t take a full day. Couple of strips damaged by a water leak. Cat clawed and tore some grasscloth. Kids banged into a corner. Lamp fell over and gouged a hole in the wall.

I like to help people who need repairs to their wallpaper, but it’s tricky finding a day when I can do a small job, and not loose a full day when I could be papering a whole bathroom for another family.

So I often will try to do repairs on a Sunday, when I’m finished visiting clients and giving estimates on new jobs.

Or, like today, if it’s workable for the homeowners, I can try to do two or even three repairs on the same day.

Today I did the shorter, easier repair first. That way I was better able to predict what time I would be finished and on to the next house. I was lucky today, because the second homeowner wasn’t home and had given me a key, so I didn’t have to be there at any exact time. This second job involved three short strips and a bit of floating, and took 3 hours.

So, with drive time, working, loading and unloading the van, and a trip to Southwestern Paint http://southwesternpaint.com/, it ended up being a little short of a full 8 hour day.

I was able to help two families, look at new wallpaper books, hit PetSmart for parakeet seed and cat litter, pick up a few groceries, and still get home before rush hour traffic!





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