It’s a Small World – Funny Phone Call

I was talking with an interiordesigner whom I work for from time to time. She has a client who wants wallpaper. But when the designer gave a ballpark price of what my charge might be for the job, the client “cringed and exclaimed that the installation price was as much as the paper.” (Generally speaking, paper and installation costs tend to be about the same.)

“Yes,” the designer explained, “that’s how is usually is. The installer I use (me) is exceptionally good. I won’t go with anyone else.”

But the client was convinced that she could find someone who was equally good, but cheaper. In fact, she had a friend who had highly recommended someone. So she got in touch with that friend, and got the number of the very good paper hanger, who worked at reasonable prices. She wrote the number down, and handed it to the designer.

It was MY phone number!


Incidentally, this is a very savvy designer, who does some super stylish and chic rooms (including one on my website gallery She’s been on HGTV and will soon be in an issue of a local decorating magazine. For the sake of descretion, I’m keeping names of both parties private right now. But once this job moves forward, I will post again and give this gifted designer a plug.


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