It’s a Small World, Again Today

I was driving to a friend’s house, and a few doors away, out at her truck, was a lady painter friend of mine, Noel Gregory (a.k.a. Gregory), whom I had not seen in several years. Oddly, one other time I ran into her, I was driving and she was getting something out of her truck. 🙂

Anyway, it turns out that she knows my friend on that block, and they had even shared pet sitting duties for a neighbor. We had a nice few minutes chatting and catching up.

Then my friend and I were walking across the street to look at some neighbors’ new landscaping, and the neighbor lady saw me and exclaimed, “Oh, I read your blog. In fact, I found Gregory by reading your blog.” So, she knows this lady painter, too, and hired her because of reading my recommendation on my blog.

Just too small of a world!!

wallpaper hanger houston

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