Unexpected Potential Hazard for Grasscloth in a Bathroom

You have to use caution when putting grasscloth in a bathroom. Those nice natural fibers tend to stain when splashed with water … around sinks, near towel racks…these are the places that tend to get botchy over time.

Yesterday I discovered a whole new potential source of water stains…. I installed grasscloth in a powder room, and there was a nice vanity toped with travertine (stone). Well, the vanity top sloped just ever so slightly to the side. There was no lip or ridge around the flat top of the travertine, so water that splased onto the top ran along the backsplash right to the side of the vanity top – and onto the wall. That means onto the grasscloth.

YIKES! This definately will cause a water stain if it happens enough. And the manufacturers of grasscloth these days…when they put dyes on the surface of the produce, rather than inside the fibers or in the paper backing, the color can come off. This was the case with at least some of the rolls of paper I put up yesterday.

Of course, I was using the sink quite a lot, all day long, to rinse rags. I sure hope that regular use of the bathroom involves much less water, and that it won’t pool up or run onto the wall or wet the grasscloth. More than that, I sure hope it dries invisibly, and leaves no stain!

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