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I NEED My Vehicle!!

June 7, 2012

I can usually manage to get vehicle repairs done on Mondays, my day “off.” (It is really bookkeeping / errand / sundry day.)

But after two trips to the mechanic to replace my radiator, they still had not gotten it right, so I had to take it back on a Tuesday.

The lady I was supposed to work for that day was so eager for me to come, she offered to come pick me up at home. Sounds great….but…

The only problem is, my van is like a traveling hardware store… all the tools I need to hang wallpaper are in that van! And how on Earth could I fit my ladder, tool box, 5-gallon bucket of paste, priming tools, etc. into her 4-door sedan? And soon as I got to work, don’t you know I’d need SOMEthing that was still back in my van?

She was very understanding of the out-of-commission van situation, and very sweet to offer to drive me. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t have worked, so we had to work out a schedule change.

Flocked Wallpaper – the Original

June 6, 2012

Flocked paper was all the rage in the 1960’s… you know, it looks sort of like velvet cut into a design. Often, it had a metalic gold background. Olive green, red, and black were popular colors.

I have a job coming up in a 1962 Meyerland ranch-style home that still has the original flocked paper in the entry and dining rooms. In the entry, it’s the classic fleur-de-lis type pattern in olive on gold, and the dining matches with an olive stripe on a gold background. The paper is in perfect conditon.

As cool as it is, the job invovles removing the paper so the homeowners can paint the rooms instead. 😦 That’s probably the best option, since they are planning to put the home on the market at some point in the not-too-distant future, and buyers like neutral decor.

The questionable part is… some of those old original flocked papers can be the DICKENS to get off, especially if there is no primer under the paper (as there hardly ever is). Wish me luck and an easy job!





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Wallpaper that Blocks WiFi Waves; Secures Internet

June 6, 2012

Soon you needn’t worry about hackers or spies:

Mexican Loteria Bingo on the Wall!

June 1, 2012

I hung about 42 sheets of this last week in a powder room:

Day 1 I floated the walls, and while the mud was drying I trimmed the sheets to have even borders. Sanded and primed with KILZ. Day 2 was all installation – about 9 hours!

I used Roman’s 838, thinned quite a bit. The paper was a little thicker than tissue wrapping paper, and got soggy really quickly. Luckily the 18″ x 26″ sheets were easy to carry to the wall w/o booking. I overlapped the edges. It was impossible to trim the wet paper with either razor or scissors, so I had to carefully measure and pre-trim every sheet, or leave the edge unpasted and dry so I could make a cut, and then paste it and press into place.

The pattern made it easy to overlap, so going inside the return of the untrimmed window was happily easy(ish).

The walls were VERY out of plumb. I hung the paper out of plumb, too, so it would line up with the door molding and corners of the room. This meant it was crooked at the top and bottom of the walls, so I cut the emblems in the top and bottom rows in half horizontally and lined the short strip up straight at the top and bottom of the walls, and then overlapped the long sheets onto them. This meant the top and bottom rows of the design were taller or shorter than the others, but it was not all that noticeable.

It turned out great. The homeowners loved it.