Another Thibaut Wrestling Match

So, the day after I had the Hang From Hell with the blue Thibaut paper, I hung this one in a master bath:

Here was another difficult hang…. not nearly as bad as the previous day, but harder than it should have been, nonetheless.

Again, the paper stock soaked up the paste and dried faster than it should have, and would not slip on the wall as it should have. This was a small area, so I never had to put more than three full-length strips next to one another – good thing, because the paper twisted and wrinkled out of shape. If there had to have been several long sheets in a row, there would have been overlaps and wrinkles and other icky unhappy occurances.

And the paper had no vinyl coating, so any water splashed on it left a “wet” looking spot – which is prone to staining over time. Not a good thing in a paper used in a bathroom.

I think all this is due to manufacturers trying so hard to be “green.” They are using paper backings and stock that may be recycled or recycleable, but possibly are not suited for wallcovering. At minimum, I believe there has not been sufficient testing in the field before they put these products on the market. If I, with decades of wallpaper hanging behind me, have difficulty hanging them, think about inexperienced DIY homeowners, trying to do it on their own.

At least this time, we found someone at the factory willing to listen to feedback, and that gives me hope that they will continue to research and improve their product.

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