Stained Edges Test Hang Coincides With Coincidence of the Day

Not too long ago, I blogged about a paper that had water stains and mildew along one edge of every roll. I had to stop the installation and we had new paper sent.

The replacement paper was stained, too, so we had more sent. This still had some very faint stains. But the clients are pretty eager to get their rooms finished and put back together, and to be honest, not everyone sees (or is bothered by) the little things that I see. So I decided to do a test hang, so they could see for themselves how the seams would look.

Using a light-weight board, and working with four different pastes, I made samples of seams both with and without the stained edge.

To my eye, the stained edge showed as a hair’s breadth brown line at intervals along the seam. It was tricky to see, because the paper itself is quite thick and somewhat spongy, which results in seams that are naturally more visible than on a thinner paper.

I didn’t like it, and felt there would be slight-but-noticeable vertical lines every 27″ (the width of each strip) along every wall. However, as I said, not everyone is as picky as I am, and some people don’t even see things like this, plus, the couple is eager to get back into their bedroom / master bath … and, as the husband jokingly-but-pointedly said – get me out of their house, finally, as well. 🙂

Well, e-mailing photos back and forth and giving written descriptions didn’t convey well enough how the sample looked. It would be better to see it in person.

Problem… this family is out in Tomball, and I’m in downtown Houston.  That’s an hour’s drive, minimum.  I didn’t have any jobs set for anywhere out near them, and the installation is set for 2 weeks from now, so they needed to see the samples soon.

So they decided to drive to my house to look at the test board. And when they got here, what do you think they said?…

It turns out that the wife gets her hair cut at the little salon on my street, just four blocks away!

Coincidence of the day!

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