A Little Help Matching the Pattern

Some manufacturers include marks like this (which wipe off with water) to make it clear where the pattern match is. My National Guild of Professional Paperhanger buddies on Facebook and I kinda scoff at these marks, because, I mean, really – how hard is it to see how to match the pattern?

Well, today I got my comeuppance, as they say. The pattern is large geometric shapes, and they are all the same. So I cut my 10 strips, all the same, and started to hang.

The first two went up perfectly. But the third strip did not match the previous strip. What the heck?!

I took a closer look, and it turns out the geometric shapes are NOT all the same. In actuality, there are large shapes and small shapes. I had cut one double roll with the large shapes at the top of the wall, when it should have been the small ones. Ouch!

Luckily, there were two full length strips remaining on the last double roll. I still needed one more… I was able to use one of the mis-cut strips, which after I properly matched it, was then a bit too short. So I got a scrap from the strip that I had had to remove from the wall, and spliced in a 9″ tall piece at the bottom corner of the wall. Unnoticeable.

Good lesson learned!

The paper is by Blonder, # GE58215, and is on an accent wall in the home office of a gal who designs women’s fashions.

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