Coming Up Short

Here’s something we paperhangers don’t like to see… a strip that ends a half an inch from the corner!

You never wrap a strip of paper around a corner… corners are never straight, and this would cause twisting and warping and crooked paper and all sorts of other ills. So when you come to a corner, you cut the strip vertically, leaving 1/8″ or less to wrap around the corner, and then place the next strip so it overlaps this 1/8″ bit.

In this case above, I had to cut piece of paper from the next strip a mere 1/2″ wide. It’s much more difficult to work with such a narrow strip, and keep it from gapping, than with a wider strip.

What’s particularly annoying, is that this was my first wall, and I had control of where the strips would fall. Meaning that, if I had measured more carefully and plotted accordingly, and taken into account all the strips that were hung on that wall, instead of focusing only on the first and second strips, I could have prevented this by starting at the corner, instead of next to the doorjam as I did.

A little techinical, I know, but I think you get the idea.
1. Never wrap wallpaper around an inside corner
2. Measure and plot for all strips on a wall, when possible.

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