The Worst Possible Place for a Strip to End

This strip ended smack in the middle of one of those danged new-fangeld bull-nosed edges.

The problem? It’s very tricky getting paper to turn these corners to begin with, because they’re never straight and they can cause warping or wrinkling of the paper.

But ending right on the edge is even worse, because you have to worry about adhesion…Wallpaper’s natural inclination is to shrink back to it’s original shape, which is NOT wrapped around an oddly-shaped rounded edge, with little to grab a hold on.

I didn’t snap an “after” shot, but it turned out well. The second piece lined up well and stuck to the edge tightly. My expectation is that it will stay nice and tight for years to come.

Of course, I gave it a little extra help… Besides my usual wallpaper adhesive, I used clear adhesive caulk (taking care to wipe any off the surface of the paper) to give quick tack (sticking power) and more adhesive strength than regular wallpaper paste would have. In addition, caulk is resistant to water, and this seam is right above a “garden” bath tub.

So, yes, I am sure it is going to stay put for eons.

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