Manufacturer’s Imperfect Seams

Click the image to see a larger view…

Danged manufacturers can’t cut their paper straight.  If they can’t produce a straight edge, how can I get a perfectly butted seam?

The problem, which I hope you can see in the pics, is that in places the paper overlaps just a tiny bit, and in other places it gaps.

If I try to push the paper to close the gaps, it increases the overlapped part.   And all this pushing stresses the paper – which is only going to dry and shrink back to the size it wants to be, anyway.  You can tell the flaw is on the manufacturing end, because the gap and the overlap appear at the same spot on the pattern every time it repeats on the strip.

Most customers don’t notice this, but it’s frustrating, because I’d like to give a perfect installation.  But when the manufacturer won’t / can’t cut perfectly, it’s impossible.  I’ve called and talked to manufacturers, and they freely admit that they can’t cut the paper absolutely straight – that’s why, with a striped patern, you never find a seam plotted exactly on the edge of a stripe….it’s always in the middle of a stripe.

And don’t worry,,,  While I could not close the slight gap, I did not leave this paper overlapped.  Once  I finished taking the photo, I worked the seam to be nice and flat.

Astex Questex LG 31504   wallpaper, wallpaper hanger

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