Room Useage Trends in Young Families

I blogged some months ago about how many young families are spending their time in the great room of the house, leaving the formal dining and living rooms unused. Many of these families have turned one of those rooms into a play room for the kids.

Where I worked today, the family had done the same thing. But they took it one step further… Directly across the hall from the living room-turned-play room was the dining room – which they had converted into a play room of sorts for the dad.

The room was dominated by a pool table, including a rectangular flourescent light fixture, shelves around the walls for the guy’s collectibles, and, on the largest wall, a huge mural of his favorite movie heros.

If you’re not going to be sitting in your front room sipping tea and thumbing through the latest hot novel, why not turn it into a room you can really use? I think this is a great idea!

wallpaper installation houston

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