Flaw of the Day – Hungry Critters

I hung some grasscloth yesterday, that had been stored in the client’s home for many years. Guess that gave the bugs time to find it, because as I unrolled some of the bolts, I discovered these nibble holes!

There were also a few discolored spots, presumedly from body chemicals or poop. These worried me a little, because, after becoming wet with paste, a spot like has the potential to bleed through to the surface, causing a stain. In this case, I don’t think that’s a big concern.

Grasscloth is a natural fiber product, so it’s logical that insects or even rodents might find it edible, plus the loose texture provides a cozy hiding place.

This isn’t very common, though, so don’t fret about this if you choose grasscloth for your home. And be assured that modern pastes and primers contain fungicides and insecticides, as opposed to the old days, when paste was made from basically flour and water.


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