Curling Edges

It’s not uncommon for wallpaper to curl when it gets wet with paste. The reason is that the paper backing absorbs moisture and expands, but the printed / inked surface does not absorb or expand, so the edges of the swelling paper curl toward the back.

Here is a photo of this happening. (I did not take photos of the paper on my table – it REALLY curled!) Interestingly, the curling happens where there is white ink, but not at the tan background. This happened even though there was plenty of tacky paste on th edge.

Once it dried, these areas pulled tighter to the wall.

This was one of Thibaut’s newer “green” papers, meaning no vinyl coating. It was somewhat difficult to work with, because, with no coating, it dried out pretty fast, so I had to experiment with different pasting techniques, booking times, smoothing, etc.

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