Thibaut Geometric Trellis

Here is a Thibaut wallpaper I hung this week, in a young couple’s dining room. It turned out very nicely, and was nice and straight across the top, sides, and around the windows and bull-nosed edges of the door frames.

I used a cool trick to get the paper nice and straight along the bull-nosed edges, without having to hand trim on the wall (which is extremely difficult to do, because you can’t see where you’re cutting and you can’t feel where the edge of the door frame is).

You couldn’t do it with every pattern, but this geometric lattice pattern allowed me to pre-cut the edges, and then splice the strips in at the top of the wall. It was trickier than it sounds, because I had to allow for the paper to wrap a little around the bull-nosed edge, and also estimate how much the paper was going to expand once it was wet with paste.

Hmmm… a full 27″ wide strip expanded 5/8″… If the piece I’m working with is 12″ wide, how much will it expand, and how wide should I cut the piece…12 1/4″?…. 12 3/8″? … 12 1/8″?… 11 3/4″? … 11 5/8″??

And you thought you were never going to use that high school math and geometry!

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